Value Management Expertise in the South African Construction Industry – A Case Study of Gauteng

Michael Ncube, Pantaleo D. Rwelamila


Value Management (VM) has been used in developed countries to optimise project performance and create value for the firm.  

The purpose of this paper was to investigate whether VM is recognised as a knowledge base for South African construction professionals and to what extent VM is applied in construction projects in Gauteng, South Africa. This study employed a quantitative research methodology.  A questionnaire was distributed to clients and built environment professionals viz. registered engineers, registered architects, registered quantity surveyors and registered construction managers. The responses received to the questionnaires were as follows: registered quantity surveyors - 32.8%, registered engineers - 17.9%, registered architects - 16.4%, registered construction managers - 16.4% and clients - 16.4%.

The study found that built environment professionals have not embraced VM as a knowledge base and its application is minimal. In addition, where it is applied, it tends to be utilised as a cost cutting measure only. Implementation of VM plays a critical role in this regard. In South Africa, VM has not been embraced by organisations in the construction industry, let alone by regulatory bodies.

This paper fulfils an identified need that for the most part, public sector service delivery is in a state of disarray as best value is not being achieved due to lack of VM practice.

Keywords: Value management Expertise; South African; Construction Industry; Gauteng; Case Study. 

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